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Why UK?

The UK is a great place to live and work with numerous opportunities

  1. The world’s most attractive financial centre. Britain has the world’s largest international flow of capital: London is recognised as a globalfinancial centre with a high and safe rate of return on investment.
  2. Flexible tax rate and open market. The property market in Britain welcomes overseas buyers who then have the right to resell the properties that they purchase. The UK tax rate is also flexible for international buyers, and, in most cases, capital gains tax does not have to be paid.
  3. Limited number of new properties and proposed developments. There are a wide range of rigid planning permissions and building regulations that need to be obtained prior to planning or building a new development of properties in the UK. This inevitably leads to a relatively small number of new property developments being built in London. There will always be and always has been a high demand and low supply of property in London.
  4. Population growth with a limited number of new property development projects According to the latest Census figures, London’s population is estimated to increase to at least 41 million people in 2016. Compared to this, the number of new residential property development projects is relatively small. This demonstrates a higher demand for property which is yet to be constructed; a strong demand is always an indication of a sound and healthy investment;
    1. The investment is made in a hugely politically stable and developed country. Most Chinese investors worry about the possibility of political instability in China in the future;
    2. The UK Legal system protects investor’s assets regardless of their origin;
    3. It is convenient for overseas investors to control, develop and expand their business from abroad;
    4. There is a realistic prospect of retiring in the UK some time in the future.
  5. Exchange rate The exchange rate between Sterling and RMB has attracted a large number of Chinese investors into the London property market in recent years.
  6. Competitive mortgage rates The interest rate on residential and commercial mortgages in the UK is relatively low when compared with that of other countries. This attracts a large number of overseas investors to the UK. 
  7. Stable rental market London is one of the main international hubs of finance and investment in the world. Accordingly, the demand for properties in both the private and corporate rental market steadily increases every year. In addition, the lack of new developments due to rigid planning and building legislation on building and planning means that there is less supply and more demand for real estate in the UK. (As the population continues to grow, more and more people plan to work and live in London, making the demand for a long-term lease higher than ever before.)
  8. The main reasons for wealthy Chinese investors to buy properties in the UK:
    1. The UK has a world renowned education system;
    2. It is safe and convenient for the investor’s children to study and live.
    3. An investment in the UK will be secure and protected.