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Super premium service

This page describes our 'super premium' service for applications. These applications normally are processed with 72 Hours rather than the standard one to two months. Before we consider the application and put it forward, we have to be absolutely sure that all the information has been checked, verified and complied with UK border Agency requirements, as UK Border Agency charges an extra fee for this service.

What is the super premium service?

If you use the super premium service the UK Border Agency will collect the completed and verified documentation:

  • A courier will collect your application forms and documentation;
  • UKBA officers will visit to enrol your biometric information (fingerprints and facial photograph) and obtain your signature; and
  • We will make a decision on your application within 24 hours of enrolling your biometric information.
  • We will arrange a visit for you at our preferred location in central London
  • at a convenient time for you (between 10:00 and 15:00, Monday to Friday).

We will confirm your appointment slot within 2 working days of the initial contact form being received.

All applicants that are providing their biometric information must arrive on time for their appointment.

Who can use the super premium service?

If you want to use the super premium service, you must first satisfy yourself that you meet the requirements for the category under which you are applying under.
You can use the super premium service if you are applying to extend your stay (known as 'limited leave to remain') or to settle permanently (known as 'indefinite leave to remain') in the UK.