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We provide a unique and bespoke service tailored to individual client needs. We believe that every application should be treated individually.
Following initial contact via phone and email, we will meet with you for a FREE initial consultation to assess your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

We always provide our clients with clear and transparent information on our process and fees. We usually charge a fixed fee based on the type of visa requirement and the added values services that we provided.

The visa application is only the starting point and we build a long term relationship with our clients with the end goal of achieving permanent residency in the UK. With this in mind we have created a complete solution managed by one provider.

Our aim is to help you achieve your entrepreneurial, investment and residency ambitions in the UK.

What we do

What we do – Our Process

If you are an overseas entrepreneur or investor, then BA FA Wealth, as one of the leading service providers in the UK of immigration business solutions for Investor Visa applications, is the right partner for you.

The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa allows overseas Entrepreneurs and investors to come to the UK for an initial 3 years by providing evidence that they have the financial means to set up a business or invest in an existing business.

Following the initial 3 years you will need to apply for a further 2 years extension visa which will require you to demonstrate your entrepreneurial achievements in the UK. By working with BA FA Wealth from the beginning you will ensure that you can satisfy the UKBA criteria when you apply for the 2 year Extension visa.

We work with you at all stages along your journey

We want to build a lasting relationship with our clients where we fully support you and help you fulfil your long-term business and residency ambitions in the UK.

  • Planning -  Before you have secured your visa:

We can discuss with you your possible entrepreneurial activities in the UK and introduce you to one of our trusted immigration partners to advise and assist you with your visa application.

  • On Going Support - When you have been granted your visa:

Once you have applied and been granted your visa, we can support you in fulfilling the requirements. We provide advice and support to help you start a new business, or invest in an existing UK business. With a range of qualifying UK businesses on our books across a range of sectors we will have a qualifying entrepreneurial activity for you.

  • Permanent Residency - When you are preparing for the application for the 2 year extension of your visa and subsequently Indefinite Leave to Remain:

Over the 3 years of your Initial visa there are a number of requirements you need to fulfil and a complex set of documentary evidence you will need to collect to ensure a smooth transition to the 2 year Extension visa.

As experts in this field, BA FA Wealth can help you make the transition by tracking all the documentation for you and making sure your business complies with UKBA regulations. And by addressing any issues as they arise, you won’t have issues when you want to apply for the 2 year Extension visa.

Additional Services

Additional services

We provide a range of value added services for your company as well as access to the following private client services provided by trusted partners:

Corporate Services

Business advisory services

Ba Fa Wealth offers the benefit of broad business experience that enables us to understand a client’s business and add real value. We establish long-term client relationships and provide on-going, objective financial and strategic advice and assistance as the company grows.